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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo-a-Day 2011: Week 11, Random

Actually, I'm not really sure what week it is officially of this project...obviously I skipped some in there. I work as a graphic artist for a semiconductor company and we just had a big trade show a couple of weeks ago in Baltimore. Between prepping for that and taking care of the baby, something had to be put aside. I decided it was best to keep feeding the husband and young daughter and put aside the photo project for a while (cause man, Steve sure knows how to whine when he gets hungry!). ;)

I'll need to sort out my assignment list again, so until I'm back in the habit I've decided to give myself a break and allow random photos for a while. So of course, a lot of them are of Gwinna. But hey, since I haven't been posting pictures of her to facebook either this should satiate the barrage of requests from various family members at least a little bit.

Monday: Some fabric swatches I purchased for a project my sister and I are working on. It is top secret and will be extremely lucrative. Well, probably more lucrative than trying to sell my husband tanning lotion anyway. Because he's pale, you see.
Tuesday: Love this shot of Gwinna! Now you can see what I see when I follow this amazing explorer around outside as she discovers new and interesting objects/items to put in her mouth. I'll probably post the full series later this week, it was hilarious to watch her with a mouthful of seeds!
Wednesday: I have no idea what kind of flowers these are but they come up from seed every year. We started out with a light purple one that must have been a hybrid. The next year's flowers came up all different sorts of purple and one coveted plant produced an incredibly dark, rich purply red. Most beautiful flower ever! Well, that and all of the other dark-purply red flowers out there.
Thursday: First ocean shot with long exposure. What in the world haven't i ever done this before?? You will probably be seeing more of these later on. :)
Friday: We had a fruit thief in our yard, and I discovered the culprit!! This little fig tree had tiny, tiny baby figs that were apparently way too much fun to pull off. Luckily, the rest of the figs reside a bit higher on the tree and our little rouge can only reach up about 2 1/2 feet or so, so i still might get a fig or two to eat when they ripen up.
Saturday: Gwinna greets her dad when he wakes up Saturday morning. She's just discovered she can step up onto my pillow to peek out the window and positively squeals with delight when she looks over at Steve.
Sunday: She's of the age where she is in constant motion whenever she's awake, so having a waking yet quiet moment with her is a rare and special occasion.

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