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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gaughran Family Reunion 2011: Church Creek, MD

I've been in Maryland for the last week at the Gaughran family reunion. It was an awesome opportunity for all of the cousins to get together and practice kung fu. Hiiii-Ya! :)

We stayed on a secluded estate on the edge of Chesapeake bay. A few kayak expeditions out to the bay in search of a somewhat elusive nearby beach met with different levels of success. The different twists and turns in the marshy waterways caught a few of the first brave explorers off guard and they had to travel back without landing on the sandy shores.
Gwinna was appropriately dressed in her stripy pajamas when she discovered the special motif of our small cottage fridge. :)
Steve kindly posed for me for some dramatic sunset shots.
My favorite part of the scenery was how stunning the sunsets looked in this beautiful place. However, I only took a fraction of the photos I wanted because of my least favorite part...the thousands of mosquitoes swarming up from the marsh to eat me alive!

Right before sunrise with a full moon.
Right at sunrise...what a beautiful place!

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