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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wedding: Melina and Jeremy, Meadowlark Gardens, VA, April 15, 2011

Melina and Jeremy's wedding was an incredible experience for all of us involved. Many of us friends and family arrived a few days early to help with the finishing touches, as well as throwing the bridal shower and bachelor party.

I felt that the epic paintball match on Thursday was the perfect way for the guys to have a blast while keeping at bay any pre-wedding jitters. :) Also a good excuse to beat up the groom before the wedding day!

The girls had other kinds of fun planned, including picking out the perfect custom-designed necklace from glass artist Vicki Leon.
Melina's Aunt worked hard making the cakes, while her mother Teresa put together all of the flowers.
Day of the wedding, striking the obligatory pose with Jeremy's awesome motorcycle.
Getting ready shots

We did portraits before the ceremony to take advantage of the beautiful spring gardens in the daylight. I just love this shot of Jeremy seeing Melina for the first time in her dress.

Everyone expected Melina to float across the floor at the reception, but everyone was happily surprised when Jeremy revealed that several months worth of secret dance lessons allowed him to keep up with his accomplished dancing bride.

The Maid of Honor gets a big squeeze from the bride's parents.

The bride and groom had spent weeks devising the prefect way of growing this bright green wheat grass for the centerpieces, so what better way of showing off their rings?

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