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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo-a-Day 2011: Week 4, Motion Shots

This week I wanted to experiment with representing motion in a variety of different ways. I think I might do this particular assignment again...I realized while doing it there's a lot to learn about taking a good motion or action shot and it can be pretty challenging! Of course, I can't play with the big boys and actually use a lens built for this type of thing (they are, alas, worth more than my current car), but at least I can figure out the best I can do with my current equipment. :)

Monday: Camera on tripod with a long exposure captures Gwinna scooting across the floor.
Tuesday: Sensei Bernice demonstrates a technique for her Aikido class
Wednesday: Water comes out from a sprayer, lit from a flash from the side
Thursday-Saturday: Yes, I did take pictures these days, but they actually had nothing to do with the assignment. woops! But that ok, because I went to the Wild Animal Park Sunday with my two best friends and my lovely husband and daughter. They all kindly posed for the remainder of the shots for the week. :)

Shot 4: A series of shots taken in burst mode
Shot 5: Fighting Lorikeets
Shot 6: Zoomed the lens out during a delayed exposure as I took the shot, bit of diffused flash from the side to make their faces pop.
Shot 7: I loved the way this shot came out....remote flash

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