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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photo-a-Day 2011

Yay! 2011 is here and I've decided to start the photo-a-day project again. The project week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, so for the first week I stuff in two extra days for the first two days of the year. Just as a bit of a disclaimer, there will probably quite a few number of photos of my daughter mixed in.... :)

This first week was "choose your own assignment week", so I decided to take all the photos at f1.8. I love how the super wide aperture blurs the background so much, though sometimes it's challenging to work with.

Saturday, Jan 1st: Empty Coke bottles from our New Years party
Sunday: Gwinna's teething giraffe in the Christmas tree
Monday: Steve playing with Gwinna
Tuesday: An old persimmon clings to winter branches

Wednesday: High, sweeping clouds
Thursday: The cat enjoys a birdbath full of rainwater
Friday: The moon peaks out from an evening mackrel sky
Saturday: Handcream on a desk
Sunday: Gwinna peaking from behind her blanket.

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